May. 21st, 2013

hopefulnebula: Kirk and Spock in ST IV (the whale movie), caption: 'cetacean needed.' (Cetacean Needed)
My non-spoilery review, in the form of a text message conversation between me and my sister. (Footnotes added after the fact, and I've cleaned up some of my chronic laziness at proper capitalization within texts.)

Me: So it turns out that the new Trek movie is actually worth seeing. I'm a bit shocked my ownself1. Not one of my top three, but close2.
Me: I spent the first 20 minutes rolling my eyes, but I'm glad I stuck around.

Sister: Best. Review. Ever.

Me: Also there's Benedict Cumberbatch and Zach Quinto. I felt my Kinsey score dropping by the minute.

Sister: I don't know who Benedict Cumberbatch is but that is the best name ever

Me: BBC Sherlock. I'm madly in love with his hair.

Sister: Almost Matt Smith pompadour?

Me: I prefer his hair in Sherlock but that's how it looks in this one, yes.

Sister: Niiice

1 I'd watched like six hours of Firefly that morning, shut up.
2 More like five, really. Which is still passing.

More spoilery thoughts, mostly in bulleted list form, behind the cut.

Seriously, spoilers abound for Star Trek Into Darkness. Also it's long. )

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