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Apr. 18th, 2013 11:48 am
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Dear Not Prime Time Player:

Hi! <3. I don't have too much to say here, so let's get into it. I'm mostly just copypasting relevant bits from my standard Yuletide letter and including my prompts at the end because I'm lazy that way

As a fan, I'm pretty easygoing. I love quite a lot of things, and I'm not squicked out by a lot. I love the way these characters are portrayed in their respective canons, so if you stay true to that, I'll be happy.

Things I don't like: disappearing people's differences/disabilities (though that's not actually an issue with these characters as long as you don't write T'Pol as a human, yay.), glorification of the nasty things people do to each other (if you're going to have them in the story, that's fine, but treat them like the terrible things they are), and gratuitous gore.

Now that that's out of the way, a non-exhaustive list of the general things I like:

- Fiction that's in the spirit of the source material. I love me some "original flavor" fic (not linking to the TVTropes page because then you'll never get anything written). Explore the things that the canon doesn't explore in a way that the canon would do it, and I'll be a happy camper.
- Non-human/human-but-neurologically-atypical characters not thinking the way neurotypical humans do, without being caricatures of themselves.
- Unexpected/odd POVs (external POVs of relationships, for instance).
- Epistolary fiction (that is, stories told in the form of letters/e-mails/telegrams/smoke signals/notes sent by carrier pigeon sent between characters)
- Strong character voices (I love hearing the characters speak the lines I read in my head).
- Stories that explore the characters' reactions to things around them (what makes them who they are? How does that relate to how they react to things now?)
- Anything that passes the Bechdel test (has at least two female main characters who communicate with each other about something other than a man)
- Past-fic, future-fic, missing scenes, sets of vaguely connected drabbles, weirdly formatted fics, plotless "slice of life" fics, fix-it fics, and probably about a hundred other things I could think of.
- I like happy endings, but I also like it when things don't end exactly as the protagonist plans. I like bittersweet and even sad endings. But please don't make it a "rocks fall, everyone dies" ending. There should be something happy or hopeful to grab onto.

I'm open to all ratings, so write whatever you're comfortable writing.

Also, you can find my writing both at AO3 and [community profile] nebula_of_words -- the former has newer stuff I need to move to DW, and the latter has older stuff I need to move to AO3. I'm (still!) in the process of doing both. (Hahahaha I'll probably not get around to it this year either.) (Seriously, I've had this exact sentence in my Yuletide letter for three years now.)

As always, please take these prompts as suggestions and starting points. Don't be compelled to address every aspect of them, and if your muse takes you in a direction I don't foresee, that's great too. These are meant primarily for inspiration.

The prompts:

Lanie Parrish, Alexis Castle - I'd like something set during Alexis's internship at the M.E.'s office. What went on behind the scenes of some of the episodes we didn't see them working together in? What was Alexis's first meeting with Perlmutter like, and did Lanie end up having to step in and salvage it? How did they organize the internship without Castle finding out? Does she go back during or after college? Does she stay in touch with Lanie?

Gilina Renaez - I would love to see the day-to-day life of everybody's (ok, my) favorite PK tech girl. Missing scenes from any of her episodes? Please. Something set before the series showing what life on the command carrier is like? Definitely, especially if she gets to be awesome. Gilina discovering the difference between Aeryn as the PK propaganda machine spins her and the real Aeryn? Awesome. Something set between "PK Tech Girl" and "Nerve" where she gets transferred to the Gammak base and finds her way around/learns about the Aurora Chair/etc? Oh, my, yes! I'm not picky.

Star Trek: Enterprise
T'Pol, Trip - Give me Trip and T'Pol and a happy ending, and I'll be happy. Doesn't matter if you set it during the series or after (though "These Are the Voyages" DOES NOT EXIST in this dojo); if you make it romantic or not; if you write an adventure story or a quiet, introspective one. It's all good. Some (completely optional and not at all exclusive of anything else!) word prompts: Andorians. Parents. Bond. Making repairs. Cultural exchange.

Warehouse 13
Leena - MORE LEENA, PLEASE. ...um. A three-word request is probably inadequate, isn't it? Show me how she got to the Warehouse. Why isn't somebody of her talents a full agent? How does she perceive the rest of her Warehouse family and their auras? We've seen so little of her in the series; I'd be glad to see her working with any of the team (especially Steve, since they haven't really interacted too much in canon). (I do kinda ship Pete/Leena, so if you want to write that, great. If not, then no pressure.) Feel free to ignore "The Ones You Love" and points later, or set the fic before it, or make it an AU (though not the "they're all baristas" kind, please), or anything else like that (especially since there are going to be new eps starting up the day after you get this assignment).
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