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The NHL (or possibly NBC) is using "John's Walk" from Ink as the background music for one of their "oh hay it's the playoffs" ads.

I now know how it feels to be a dog who just heard a doorbell.

(To be fair, I also knew this feeling last year when John Murphy's "Adagio in D Minor" from Sunshine got used in an ad for Captain America: The Winter Soldier.)
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On the latest (black-and-white striped, with a white-and-black striped shirt and a black-and-white polka dot tie) monstrosity Don Cherry is wearing:

"He controls the vertical. He controls the horizontal. He thinks he controls what language people should speak. ...The Coach's Corner. Please stand by."

I haven't even watched The Outer Limits since (mumble) years ago.
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The good news: I'm scheduled for surgery! October 29th.

The bad news: I have to prepay for the damn thing.

I am absolutely getting a lower-deductible health insurance next year.

An unrelated question: The Avs are now on their backup backup goalie. If this one gets injured too, do we just put the coach in?


Mar. 21st, 2010 08:10 pm
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Watching the slightly less embarrassing than it was five minutes ago Avs/Ducks game:

"The Honda Center? Good thing the arena's not sponsored by Toyota or else the Ducks would really be unstoppable."

And just now, after a guy got hit by a puck (he has a nosebleed but looks fine other than that):

Announcer: "That looks like blood, Mike."
Me: "Oh, really? I think it looks like Jell-O. Doesn't it look like Jell-O to you?"

(Why yes, I am in a cranky mood tonight, thanks for asking.)

(And Anaheim just made it 5-2. *headdesk*)
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Holy crap, was today ever fun. Exhausting, but fun. Also, the Avs game was awesome.

Also, hats.

Day 16 → A song that makes you cry (or nearly)

Most recently? Promise not to laugh?

"For Good" from Wicked.

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The Avs are playing Calgary right now. Listening to the game because Comcast puts all the porn channels in HD (have to skip past them to get to the rest of the HD content) but not Altitude2. Anyway, the Avs had damn well better win in regulation tonight.

Day 11 → A photo of you taken recently

Hosted by imgur.com

2007 is recent, right?

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So, I've been on a "get out of the house at any cost" kick lately, and scored cheap last-minute seats to the Avs/Red Wings game tonight. (The Avs pulled that win out of our poor exhausted goaltender's ass, but I'll take the win.)

As usual, the fans were possibly more interesting than the game. At points, they definitely were. There wasn't a loudmouth drunk chick behind us like the last Avs/Wings game Tianna and I went to, but collectively things worked out.


-During the first period break, I saw two guys - one in a Henrik Zetterberg jersey, one in a Milan Hejduk jersey - hugging each other. Definitely hugging, not trying to strangle.

-The short film they showed during one of the ad breaks. Hilarious. Remind me to describe it later - tired now.

-The 14-year-old girl behind me, after booing Todd Bertuzzi for the first time: "Oh, good. Now I don't care who wins; I've done what I'm here to do."

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So yeah. I'm doing Science and still alive.

Work's been decent to me except for the parts that suck, and those parts would suck no matter what I did, so there's no point complaining about it. (Well, a week ago Thursday really did suck but I'm not going to get into that, and that particular depressive spike is mostly done anyway.)

I have a new phone (G1 > iPhone. Hands down.) and new-to-me computer (logic board was close to going on Aeryn and I wanted to trade up while I still could, so I did. The phone is named Pilot, because it's mostly quiet but helps me get places and reminds me of Important Things. The computer doesn't have a name yet, so I'll be posting a poll to help name it later. (All my tech has Farscape-related names.)

Also, new shoes. I've never enjoyed wearing shoes, especially the closed-toed kind, but I found a pair that actually fits today and you don't turn down something like that. (Plus they were on sale.)

I signed up for the Firefly Big Bang over at Dreamwidth. Don't know what got into me, but I'm going to do it, dammit. (I have some sketchy ideas for a River story set post-movie...)

Pittsburgh won the Stanley Cup, which is awesome, if only because it means Detroit didn't. My CEO (who's a thoroughly awesome guy -- I wish I could clone him and put him in charge of everything) was cheering for the Red Wings because they weren't the Penguins (who had defeated his beloved Capitals), and I was cheering for the Pens because they weren't Detroit, so we had an informal rivalry going on.

Procrastinating about getting the cleaning that desperately needs to be done, done. Better get on that before it gets too late and I get too tired.
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So, Ti and I went to the Avs/Red Wings game on Saturday. I've got some pre-game skate pictures on my camera but haven't gotten around to doing anything with them yet. At any rate, my voice is just now returning to its full force.

Game highlights (NSFW -- that is, Not Safe For Wingnuts):

  • Avs are now 2-0 this season against Detroit. Damn, this feels great after last year's embarassments.

  • The stadium was about 1/8 full of Wings fans. Where they all came from is beyond me, but I loved seeing them go from obnoxious to silent during the first period.

  • There was this chick in the seat behind us who could warrant her own post. She sounded kind of like Fran Drescher, except her voice didn't make me sick, so I guess she didn't sound like Fran at all. Some of her highlights:
    • "The Red Wings are a bunch of eunuchs!"

    • "What a wonderful golf swing! Good thing you're practicing it!"

    • Me: *turns around* "Can I take you home with me?" Her: "YES!"

    • "You're all a bunch of cheaters! You cheat like the Raiders! You're all a bunch of Raiders, Red Wings!"

  • "Kiss Cam" highlight: They did the typical "obvious couples" first, and then showed this 6-year-old boy and his mom. The boy notices he's on the screen, and since he's at the age where kisses from Mom just Are Not Cool, sinks down under his seat.

  • My first live OT, and my first live shootout!

  • OH MY GOD THAT WOLSKI GOAL. *fans self*

  • Me, on the stairs out of Pepsi Center, completely sober: "I like these stairs. The way there's two sets of them... it's kind of like DNA. But boxy. And with ads. And people. Which is funny, because it's usually people who have DNA..." (Yeah, I was a bit punchy at that point, even without drinking to help it along.)

  • On the light rail on the way out, this Red Wings fan sat next to us, saw what we were wearing, and said "Oh yeah? Well, who's got the Stanley Cup?" Now, that was about the seventh time I'd heard that today and I was getting rather sick of it (see "1/8 full of Wings fans," above), so I turned to him and said "Yeah? Well, just because George W. Bush is still the president doesn't mean he doesn't suck." Evidently Bush's shitty approval rating is good for something, because the guy didn't say another word.

Memories of that game (plus the fact that Skiffy is doing a Twilight Zone marathon) got me through the embarassing last two periods of last night's game. (Seriously, guys. Phoenix? You lose to Phoenix? Could be worse, I guess. Could have been Calgary. Again.)

In completely non-hockey news, I'm going to be doing the first laundry of the new year tonight. Also, this is the first time in four years I haven't had to get on a plane at ass AM on January 2nd. Good riddance 2008; I'll keep the Subeta minimod-ship, the diploma and the job (chronological order), but everything else can stay in '08, thank you very much.
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So, Tianna and I went to the Avs game yesterday. It was a very spur-of-the-moment thing -- "hey, they've still got $25 tickets for sale, wanna go?" -- and it was totally worth it. Even though my voice hurts today. (The seats themselves were great, too -- top section, back row, behind the right goal. We had possibly the best view of Darcy Tucker's goal.)

On the way back, we decided that Oscar Wilde and Freddie Mercury would totally be best friends if they'd been contemporaries.

Aaaaaand now the cat's attacking one of my reusable shopping bags.
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Check out this subject line:

Cut for long image )

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I made the front page.

I made the front page.


(Unfortunately, it's not up on the website. Expect a scan... well, whenever I can get around to making a scan of it.)

See, I told you I'd be more than a Coffee Delivery Technician.

I feel like I've been transported into some alternate universe where I can succeed and José Theodore is a good goaltender.

(Also, I need to go in and consolidate my tags. Funny though it is that I have "squee," "happydance" and "yay" tags, they're probably a bit redundant.)
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So. I got pissed at a certain overpaid backup goaltender--what else is new?--and decided to excise my anger with filk.

What other than "Someone Is Crazy" by Jonathan Coulton could I use? I mean, it's like the perfect breakup song, and has just that perfect amount of anger and snarkiness. So. Go click that link and take a listen, then come back and read.

I bring you: Someone Needs a Firing.

Of course, the Avs would turn their game around just as I finished this. )
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To the Avs )

To Jose Theodore )

To TicketsNow and the Pepsi Center box office employees )

A warning: TicketsNow.com cheated us out of tickets for the game. We spent from 10am to the end of the first period on hold with them. Eventually we found out that although [livejournal.com profile] newnebula had in hand the receipt for the tickets, they had never processed them. We ended up buying a couple of tickets off a season-ticket holder who wanted to sell them back to the stadium anyway. I myself can't do anything more than I'm doing by whining telling you all about this here, but she's going to the BBB, most likely. So much for their guarantee.
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Really, I am. My arms are going all over the place and everything. (I get handflappy when I'm excited. Deal with it.)

The reason?

I'M GOING TO THE AVS/KINGS GAME TOMORROW!!!!!!!!! The world's best Christmas present. [livejournal.com profile] newnebula is absolutely too awesome for words. *goes to do some more happydancing*

The irony of it is, my first ever Avs game was December 29th vs. LA. Though that was an evening game. I haven't been to a live game... gah, since 2003.

(Apologies to the, like, three of you who'll see this on your fpage twice)
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Sweet zombie Jesus, sitting in front of screens (and occasionally shouting at them) for hours on end is tiring.

The movie rocked, but not nearly as much as Tianna does, and despite their best efforts, the Avs won and are now leading the Northwest division. Keeping my fingers crossed with regards to a future Avs game or three. Passing out now. Wishing you all a happy Festivus.
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We put up the tree today! The lower branches look kind of like a four-year-old did them, but that's because a four-year-old did them, so it all works out. Besides, it's pretty.

Larger update later. Probably. When I'm less exhausted.

Oh yes, and that Avs game was awesome. The three players they haven't lost to injury are really shining.
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Term paper hell status: circle 4, and climbing! I'm using the Homework WhipTM as a climbing rope. ...And the prof pushed the due date back 24 more hours. Either that or he thought it was always due Wednesday. Only one more week of this bullshit...

Avs won last night. 9 points to 5. I thought I was still dreaming when I saw the text message with the score this morning.

Also, the spam topic du jour: "Don't be worried of your male device size." I'll keep that in mind next time I have a mini USB cord and only a full-size port.
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This is just peachy. The end of fucking May and it's 45 F out there. We have the damned heat on.

In other news, you can do it Ducks! You can do it Ducks! If you lose to the Wings... you know what I'm gonna rhyme with this, and it isn't "Canucks!"

In other other news, still no job yet. *sigh*
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I was wondering why [livejournal.com profile] i_wanna_puck was getting so many new members this week. Then I looked at LJ's main page.

EEEOMG we made LJ Spotlight! :D :D :D

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