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So I just got home and sat down and got settled, and I saw Orion across the room from me, staring. And I stared back. He sneaked toward me a little and stopped, and repeated this until he was right next to me. He then stretched up onto his back legs and tapped me on the shoulder with his front paw, and ran.

I think I'm "it" now.
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So. My sister took her dog out for a walk a little while ago. Nothing untoward happened; they left and came back as normal.

A couple minutes later, we hear scratching at the door, and somebody jiggling the doorknob. And the doorbell rings.

I open the door, thinking it's a political canvasser who doesn't know what time it is. The boycat runs in, an "ohshitohshitohshit" expression on his face.

The little bastard had snuck out, but was thankfully too chicken to go far in the Big Bad Outside. And he was tall enough to ding the doorbell when he was doing his little trick with the doorknobs.

He's absolutely fine now. But he deserves ALL THE LAUGHS IN THE WORLD.
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The scene: Orion wants in to the other room so he can pounce on Athena. He wants this VERY LOUDLY.

Orion: MRRROW.
Me: No.
Me: No!
Me: Because SHUT UP, that's why.
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So, yeah. Once again I'm planning to post more often.

I'm not going to do a long infodump because that'd just add to the pressure for me, but the short version, since my last post, I have been: unemployed, re-employed and unemployed by the same company; gotten a second cat (whose name is Orion and who's an adorable gigantic bastard); and moved closer to town.

The big news: I'm going to be auditioning to be a Jeopardy contestant next month. While there's no guarantee I'll make it onto the show, I get to fly out to Chicago and put on my best face for them.

I'll leave you with a picture of a rare peaceful moment of cat coexistence:

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