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Athena's connected the word "quesadilla" to "that yummy human food my human gives me sometimes."

I may never have a quiet lunch again.

Cheese? )
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Me: *making lunch*
Athena: *politely ignoring me from the other room*
Me: *gets out a bag of grated cheese*
Athena: *perks up, continues pretending to ignore me*
Me: Gee, I have this whole big bag of cheese here, if only there were someone I could share it--
Athena: *rubs up against my legs* *prrprrprr*
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The scene: Orion wants in to the other room so he can pounce on Athena. He wants this VERY LOUDLY.

Orion: MRRROW.
Me: No.
Me: No!
Me: Because SHUT UP, that's why.
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So, yeah. Once again I'm planning to post more often.

I'm not going to do a long infodump because that'd just add to the pressure for me, but the short version, since my last post, I have been: unemployed, re-employed and unemployed by the same company; gotten a second cat (whose name is Orion and who's an adorable gigantic bastard); and moved closer to town.

The big news: I'm going to be auditioning to be a Jeopardy contestant next month. While there's no guarantee I'll make it onto the show, I get to fly out to Chicago and put on my best face for them.

I'll leave you with a picture of a rare peaceful moment of cat coexistence:

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The last couple months, in bullet points:

-Athena is now officially a mini-me. She got ear-tipped on Thursday because of a mole that had been growing on the very tip of her ear. The biopsy showed that it was indeed precancerous. She wore the Cone of Shame for a while, but she's been a good girl about not touching the ear, and she's absolutely miserable with it on, so she's free of it now.

The more worrisome thing at this point is her weight loss. She's lost a disturbing amount of weight in the last year or so, and the vet and I are going to figure out why as soon as she's healed from this.

-A week ago Friday, a school bus T-boned a sedan 500 feet from my bedroom window. All I know outside of the news reports is that the bus driver is at fault, the driver was in serious condition and expected to recover, and the kids were fine (though some of them went to the hospital for minor injuries). Not pleasant.

-OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG Warehouse 13 OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG. I love the first two episodes of season 3 with a passion. Spoilers for Warehouse 13 season 3 within. )

Serioiusly, I have so much to say that I'm kind of incoherent so I'm just going to shut up rather than risk hitting the character limit on this post.

- Speaking of incoherence, remember that rant I posted last year about Eureka's erasure of its autistic character? I've since broken up with the show over that, but I have found an antidote to its fail (as well as to the longing I feel during those last couple minutes of Eureka I see before Warehouse 13 comes on). Anti-autism fail, thy name is Alphas. The basic premise of the show (ordinary people with super powers) has been done before, but is approached in an original way that actually pays attention to the laws of physics and the logistical problems having superpowers would cause.

One of the characters (named Gary -- I wonder if he's named after Gary McKinnon, the NASA hacker?) is autistic. And the showrunners have obviously done their research. He's treated well as a character, he's treated realistically as a character, and his autism is part of who he is, rather than the sum of it. It isn't the downside (nor the cause) of his power, and the downside of his power ties in with his autism. Sometimes his autism is an asset, sometimes it's a liability. Sometimes it rules, sometimes it sucks. Sometimes it helps out the people he works with, sometimes it annoys them. Just like real life. And it's wonderful and refreshing and desperately needed to see people like me portrayed accurately.

-I finished the mate of that first sock I made (though it's a little smaller -- not bad for a first pair, though) and have made another. Working on its mate now.

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