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On the latest (black-and-white striped, with a white-and-black striped shirt and a black-and-white polka dot tie) monstrosity Don Cherry is wearing:

"He controls the vertical. He controls the horizontal. He thinks he controls what language people should speak. ...The Coach's Corner. Please stand by."

I haven't even watched The Outer Limits since (mumble) years ago.
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Athena: *sits on the floor near me and stares until she has my attention*
Me: "What's up, tinycat?"
Athena: *walks over to the couch, sits down, stares at the couch blanket until she has my further attention*
Me: "Do you want me to get your blankie off the couch and put it on my lap so you can sit on it?"
Athena: "Meow."

I now have a blanket and a very happy cat on my lap.
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Me: *making lunch*
Athena: *politely ignoring me from the other room*
Me: *gets out a bag of grated cheese*
Athena: *perks up, continues pretending to ignore me*
Me: Gee, I have this whole big bag of cheese here, if only there were someone I could share it--
Athena: *rubs up against my legs* *prrprrprr*
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My non-spoilery review, in the form of a text message conversation between me and my sister. (Footnotes added after the fact, and I've cleaned up some of my chronic laziness at proper capitalization within texts.)

Me: So it turns out that the new Trek movie is actually worth seeing. I'm a bit shocked my ownself1. Not one of my top three, but close2.
Me: I spent the first 20 minutes rolling my eyes, but I'm glad I stuck around.

Sister: Best. Review. Ever.

Me: Also there's Benedict Cumberbatch and Zach Quinto. I felt my Kinsey score dropping by the minute.

Sister: I don't know who Benedict Cumberbatch is but that is the best name ever

Me: BBC Sherlock. I'm madly in love with his hair.

Sister: Almost Matt Smith pompadour?

Me: I prefer his hair in Sherlock but that's how it looks in this one, yes.

Sister: Niiice

1 I'd watched like six hours of Firefly that morning, shut up.
2 More like five, really. Which is still passing.

More spoilery thoughts, mostly in bulleted list form, behind the cut.

Seriously, spoilers abound for Star Trek Into Darkness. Also it's long. )


Apr. 19th, 2013 11:04 pm
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The scene: Tianna's car, where we're discussing anything but this week, because this week is depressing as fuck. The radio somehow goes from playing "Gimme Shelter" to "Margaritaville," so we switch to the local classic rock station. A minute later...

Ti: Wait a second, they're playing Soundgarden.

Me: ...omg, you're right.

Ti: I used to listen to this when I was driving this route to high school every day.

Me: At least they don't yet have a dedicated '90s night?

Ti: They do.

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Actually sung to my boycat this morning:

Hey dude
Don't bite my leg
Learn your lesson
And behave better.
Remember, your teeth are really damn sharp.
Could you please start
To behave better?

Me-ow me-ow me-ow me-ow me-ow me-ow hey!

Meow, meow meow mewmeowmow, mewmeowmow, hey dude. x(infinity)
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QotD, while in a grocery store trying to find something sweet that one of my cousins (who's severely allergic to nuts) can eat:

Me: OMG, what did people with allergies do before allergen labels on food?
Mother: Mostly, they died.

...seriously, we found ONE THING that was acceptable in the entire baked goods section. Fruit pies? Almonds in the crust. Cakes and cookies? The ones that aren't nut-flavored are "processed on equipment that also handles" blah blah blah.
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The scene: Orion wants in to the other room so he can pounce on Athena. He wants this VERY LOUDLY.

Orion: MRRROW.
Me: No.
Me: No!
Me: Because SHUT UP, that's why.
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Mom: "Sorry the Easter Bunny didn't get you any Cadbury eggs. He got you birthday stuff instead, though."
Me: "S'okay, I'm an atheist anyway."
Mom: "So is he. You notice how he only ever gives out candy?"


Mar. 21st, 2010 08:10 pm
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Watching the slightly less embarrassing than it was five minutes ago Avs/Ducks game:

"The Honda Center? Good thing the arena's not sponsored by Toyota or else the Ducks would really be unstoppable."

And just now, after a guy got hit by a puck (he has a nosebleed but looks fine other than that):

Announcer: "That looks like blood, Mike."
Me: "Oh, really? I think it looks like Jell-O. Doesn't it look like Jell-O to you?"

(Why yes, I am in a cranky mood tonight, thanks for asking.)

(And Anaheim just made it 5-2. *headdesk*)
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Extremely drunk guy, boarding a bus: "I just have a little too much holiday spirit. Yeah."

About five minutes later:
Bus driver, announcing a stop: "Harrison."
Extremely drunk guy, not using his indoor voice: "GEORGE?"
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So, I've been on a "get out of the house at any cost" kick lately, and scored cheap last-minute seats to the Avs/Red Wings game tonight. (The Avs pulled that win out of our poor exhausted goaltender's ass, but I'll take the win.)

As usual, the fans were possibly more interesting than the game. At points, they definitely were. There wasn't a loudmouth drunk chick behind us like the last Avs/Wings game Tianna and I went to, but collectively things worked out.


-During the first period break, I saw two guys - one in a Henrik Zetterberg jersey, one in a Milan Hejduk jersey - hugging each other. Definitely hugging, not trying to strangle.

-The short film they showed during one of the ad breaks. Hilarious. Remind me to describe it later - tired now.

-The 14-year-old girl behind me, after booing Todd Bertuzzi for the first time: "Oh, good. Now I don't care who wins; I've done what I'm here to do."

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My favorite 6-year-old cousin, about LCROSS: "So it's like a meteorite, except it crashed into the moon! It's a MOONEORITE!"
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So, Ti and I went to the Avs/Red Wings game on Saturday. I've got some pre-game skate pictures on my camera but haven't gotten around to doing anything with them yet. At any rate, my voice is just now returning to its full force.

Game highlights (NSFW -- that is, Not Safe For Wingnuts):

  • Avs are now 2-0 this season against Detroit. Damn, this feels great after last year's embarassments.

  • The stadium was about 1/8 full of Wings fans. Where they all came from is beyond me, but I loved seeing them go from obnoxious to silent during the first period.

  • There was this chick in the seat behind us who could warrant her own post. She sounded kind of like Fran Drescher, except her voice didn't make me sick, so I guess she didn't sound like Fran at all. Some of her highlights:
    • "The Red Wings are a bunch of eunuchs!"

    • "What a wonderful golf swing! Good thing you're practicing it!"

    • Me: *turns around* "Can I take you home with me?" Her: "YES!"

    • "You're all a bunch of cheaters! You cheat like the Raiders! You're all a bunch of Raiders, Red Wings!"

  • "Kiss Cam" highlight: They did the typical "obvious couples" first, and then showed this 6-year-old boy and his mom. The boy notices he's on the screen, and since he's at the age where kisses from Mom just Are Not Cool, sinks down under his seat.

  • My first live OT, and my first live shootout!

  • OH MY GOD THAT WOLSKI GOAL. *fans self*

  • Me, on the stairs out of Pepsi Center, completely sober: "I like these stairs. The way there's two sets of them... it's kind of like DNA. But boxy. And with ads. And people. Which is funny, because it's usually people who have DNA..." (Yeah, I was a bit punchy at that point, even without drinking to help it along.)

  • On the light rail on the way out, this Red Wings fan sat next to us, saw what we were wearing, and said "Oh yeah? Well, who's got the Stanley Cup?" Now, that was about the seventh time I'd heard that today and I was getting rather sick of it (see "1/8 full of Wings fans," above), so I turned to him and said "Yeah? Well, just because George W. Bush is still the president doesn't mean he doesn't suck." Evidently Bush's shitty approval rating is good for something, because the guy didn't say another word.

Memories of that game (plus the fact that Skiffy is doing a Twilight Zone marathon) got me through the embarassing last two periods of last night's game. (Seriously, guys. Phoenix? You lose to Phoenix? Could be worse, I guess. Could have been Calgary. Again.)

In completely non-hockey news, I'm going to be doing the first laundry of the new year tonight. Also, this is the first time in four years I haven't had to get on a plane at ass AM on January 2nd. Good riddance 2008; I'll keep the Subeta minimod-ship, the diploma and the job (chronological order), but everything else can stay in '08, thank you very much.
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The scene: The bus on the way home from work.

Guy in the seat across from me, to girl sitting next to him: Frell you!
Girl: Yeah, well frell you!
Guy: No, frell you!

(And they were completely serious. It was great. Made a crappy day a whole lot funnier.)

(Well, I guess today wasn't too bad. I have tickets to the Avs game on Friday. :) )
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Me: *goes downstairs to refill the ice in her water*
Cousin (not one of the babies -- the one who's living with us): You just missed it. There was a coyote in the backyard!
Me: Really? At 11:30 in the morning?
Cousin: Yep! Big old guy.
Me: *looks down at the cat, who's still staring out the sliding glass door* Wow, and Athena's not even fluffy. Big brave kitty.
Cat: *stands up, exposing her tail, which is about 3 times thicker than normal*
Me: ...Never mind.

(Maybe the coyote was trying to avoid the convention?)
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About a minute after I posted my last post, my sister walked past, phone in ear. What she was saying?

"Oh yeah, that movie with that guy. I totally know what you mean!"

Between her delivery and my busted sarcasm detector, I have no idea whether she was being serious.
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Cat: *jumps up to the top of the bookshelf, where she knows damn well she's not allowed*
Me: Down.
Cat: Meow.
Me: Down.
Cat: Meow.
Me: Down.
Cat: Meow.
Cat: *jumps off the bookshelf, saunters away*

Note: No kitties were harmed in the making of this quote. It was an empty threat, of course. The most harm I do to her is trimming her claws, and that hurts me more than it does her.
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It's actually from Monday, but meh.


(My sister and I are on the way to pick up her contacts and order my new glasses -- old ones got mushed by the TSA after three years of service -- when an asshat in a Mini Cooper, license plate "COOPSTER", cuts us off.)

Both of us: *various forms of invective*

Me: Oh, but he can do whatever the hell he wants! He's the Coopster!

Sister: Then he shouldn't get a vanity plate. I'm a lot more likely to remember Mr. Coopster McDouchebag over there than 472 XBD.
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QOTD: "What? Russian? That's not the point of Indiana Jones! Indiana Jones steals shit from Nazis!"

I ♥ my sister.

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